Simple Solid Socks with DK Weight Yarn


It is a simple sock pattern that requires minimum stitch increasing/decreasing.


Adjustable by changing the length of the foot area.

Materials Used

Yarn: Opal XLarge 8-fach(8242) Wool 75% Nylon 25% 320m/150g
Amount: 85g
Needles: Set of four or five #9(UK)/#5(US) double-pointed needles or size to give tension.
Tension: 21 sts and 29 rounds=10cm in Stockinette stitch 


Toe (Work flat)

  1. Cast on using the provisional crochet cast-on method.
    Using double-pointed needle and your working yarn, knit 22 sts into the bumps on the back of the crochet chain. (Row 1)

  2. Work 9cm (25 rows) flat in K2, P2 rib. 
    Odd rows: begin with P2 and end with P2.
    Even rows: begin with K2 and end with K2.

  3. Pick up 22 live stitches on the cast-on edge.

Foot (Work in the circle)

  1. Work "K2tog, K18, SSK".

  2. Repeat working "K2tog, K18, SSK" again with the stitches picked from the cast-on edge, joining into a circle of 40 sts.

  3. Continue for 13cm (37 rnds) or the length of "your sock size-11cm" in the circle in st st (K each rnd). 

Heel (Work flat)

  1. While looking inside of the sock, make a backward loop cast-on, work in K2, P2 rib for 21 sts (begin with P2 and end with P), then make a backward loop cast-on again and P. (Row 1)
    Leave the remaining 20 sts on needles.

  2. Continue working flat for 11cm (31 rows) in K2, P2 rib. 
    Even rows: begin with K2 and end with K2.
    Odd rows: begin with P2 and end with P2.

Leg (Work in the circle)

  1. Knit across the remaining 20 sts on needles, then work "K2tog, K18, and SSK" as the continuation of the heel.

  2. Continue for 10cm (27 rnds) in the circle of 40 sts in st st (K each rnd).

  3. Work 3cm (10 rnds) in the circle in K2, P2 rib.
    Begin with single K and end with K.


  • Bind off knitwise around, inserting a chain between two adjacent stitches.

Making up

  • Pull the crochet chains out, seam both ends of the toe and heel using mattress stitch seaming, and weave in any loose ends.

  View the page in Japanese to see the charts.